Overweight and Pretty!

Do you ever tell yourself that you’ll buy that dress when you lose weight? I do. So does my husband. He recently mentioned that our pastor looked really nice in a jacket he was wearing. I told him we could go shopping for one. He said no, but that he’d like to do that when he lost weight.

The funny thing is, I don’t even think he’s that heavy. He not skinny, but he looks good. And in a new jacket, he’d look great.

So often we deprive ourselves of things just because we’re overweight.

Sure, we may not look that good in a skin tight dress with a slit up the side, but there are plenty of other pretty things we can indulge in. There are so many items of clothing made for plus size girls that look great. And how about a new hair cut or color? Some new makeup? A pretty shade of nail polish?

Yes please!

I’m not perfect in this area, but I’m working on it daily. I do buy myself nice, new clothes on a regular basis. Shoes are especially fun since I know they’ll fit in the future. And I usually wear makeup every day too. Even under a Coronavirus mask, I still want to look nice at home. My hair is a work in progress.

Remember that we don’t look any thinner when we dress frumpily or our hair is a mess. Granted we need to be a little more careful about choosing clothes that make the most of the body that we do have. But for many of us, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

For now I’m still working on being pretty everyday, no matter what I weigh.

What would make you feel a little more pretty today?

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