When The Scale Won’t Budge

Healthy, Not Perfect copy 3

We’ve all been there. You feel like you’ve been doing a pretty good job of eating healthy, but you still weight the same. Day after day.

But for me, it’s been week after week. And it’s getting a little discouraging.

If you’re in the same situation, what little changes do you think you could make to make the scale budge?

Some moderate ideas are:

  1. No eating after dinner. (I’ve really been aiming to make this a regular routine.)
  2. Exercise more regularly. (If you’re able to.)
  3. Count your steps.
  4. Count calories. (Not too low though.)
  5. Eliminate fried foods.
  6. Write down EVERYTHING we eat. (Great accountability.)

Whatever we choose, it has to be something doable. I’ve done so many great programs that work for a while, but then I get tired of being hungry.

Perhaps the biggest thing is taking the time to sit down and analyze the areas that we can improve. Being honest with ourselves is harder than we think. It’s easy to say that I didn’t eat that much this week, but maybe we ate more than we think. Maybe our food choices weren’t as healthy as we hoped.

Whatever you decide, don’t give up. Because if we do we lose grip on living healthy altogether. Even if our weight is the same, just eating healthier is good for us. Hang in there and continue to do the healthy thing. Eventually the scale will budge.

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