Creating An Exercise Routine That’s Right For You

No doubt you’ve seen them online or on TV. Perfectly fit bodies exercising with effortless ease, seamlessly doing one big squat to the left. One more to the right. Back and forth. It looks so easy for them-and it probably is. One guy that I follow on Pinterest is built like the incredible hulk and can pull on exercise bands while holding himself up in a plank with just one arm.

Problem is, I can’t do those things. I’m overweight, have at least 20 years on most of them and have bad knees.

So how do we get from where we are to where they are? First off, we may never will. And that’s okay. Media always presents the best of the best. These videos and images are something we can be inspired by, but not necessarily something that’s ours to obtain.

Rather than just looking at what those physically fit figures around us are doing, it’s important to take an honest personal assessment and think about what we can do.

When I first started working out, doing 15-20 minute on level 3 on my exercise bike was a big deal for me. Some days, when I didn’t feel motivated to do even that, I’d hop on for 10 minutes. That’s a far cry from a one hour aerobics class that I used to do when my kids were little. But it’s where I was at the time.

Slowly, my time began to creep up. I made it to 25 minutes. Then 30. Then I increased my intensity to level 4. I could never imagine myself working out for 30 minutes at level 7.

When you’re just starting an exercise routine, don’t look at what anyone else is doing until you analyze what you’re capable of doing. Otherwise you may shoot for something way too difficult

Marching in place for 2 minutes is exercise. Lifting a 1 pound weight for 10 reps is exercise.

Sometimes just getting the ball rolling is what we need. Most people can’t jump right into an hour long exercise routine and trying to do so can really backfire, especially if you’re older or overweight.

Before doing anything physical, get a doctor’s recommendation so that you’re on a good path for your current physical ability. After that, set small, attainable goals and build from there.

Ten minutes of exercise that you do is better than a 45 minute workout that you don’t.

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